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The Tiki Room @ MOBIUS

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The Tiki Room @mobius
Cathy Nolan Vincevic (MAG)

Oct 2, 2009 to Oct 10, 2009



Cathy Nolan Vincevic M.A. (MAG)

On October 2 and 3rd, @8pm and October 9 and 10th @8pm

presents at Mobius:

The Tiki Room

an interactive performance based on her book: The Tiki Room

Your memoir is achingly beautiful, exquisitely written, and handled with such deftness and depth, it most certainly demonstrates patient self-reflection, mastery of craft and form as well as a literary tenderness. At times the level of remembered detail, the sensory, the natural world---and your ability to find a language capable of containing your internal landscape, in sentences which flow as naturally as breath, is quite stunning. I am in admiration of your work. I am in admiration of your life... Moreover, I admire your courage for reflecting on your family's intergenerational legacies of abandonment and child abuse, even as such introspection threatens to un-moor your introject, your deeply satisfying childhood experiences of being loved, safe, cherished, happy and secure in the presence of your grandparents... Is there a sense of accretion in spite of the gaps, a kind of returning again and again to the brink again and again only to find that the tide is receding and one can walk further and further over once impassable terrain, that somehow a land-bridge is emerging?
--- Nehassaiu DeGhannes

I'm devouring your book! Your writing is so lyrical. I'm swept up in it. I'm grateful for your Nana, I'm recalling many safe moments with my own Grammy.
--- Sherri

Toby Henry
Review date: 11/21/2008

One of the most startling readings of the night came from former Boston-area performance artist Cathy Vincevic who read a portion of her book "The Tiki Room," a novel that she described as a look into the circumstances under which dictators perpetrate genocide. Like many other readers that night, Vincevic's story started out with an autobiographical tone, and she described a scene apparently set in her childhood.
ADMISSION $10.00 at the door.

Books available for purchase after the event.

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