Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a review of sorts..

RosePetal: I finished reading your book lilac* I would think a lot of people on the path of self awareness will have memories of childhood that needs emotional balancing, so there is no charge left to things said or physically done... and the mention of blank pages, wouldnt that be the norm? as in how can you remember every single day, I would be flat out writing what I did every day for 2 weeks
RosePetal: I know when I started looking at my Self, my was in the rebirthing community, via spiritual psychology and bodywork...
RosePetal: 'there is always someOne worse off, and there is always someOne better off'
RosePetal: it did help I could talk with my Mum and Dad about lots of childhood Mum even got into rebirthing, learning reiki and we can talk, oh dont get me wrong, we pee each other off heaps, too much alike in lots of ways...
RosePetal: I do think I have way more patience, I guess 2 years in a Nursing Home has accentuated that, I appreciate the time I am having with her, well aware that life can end any time....oh well that is a given, an obvious isnt it...I am hardly spouting eurekas *G* as you well know
RosePetal: on rereading...anyOne/everyOne would need emotional balancing from childhood upbringings...ignorance might seem like bliss, sometimes when you 'know' what is going on, it can get more angsty if you fret and question endlessly...oh I figure you know what I am meaning?? lol
lilac: sort of! *G* not the whole thing but I got enough of it! Thank you for reading my book.